Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Environment Awareness Festival

Environmental Awareness Festival is being celebrated in Islamabad 17-19 November 2014 at Islamabad College for Boys (ICB) G-6/3 and Islamabad College for Girls (ICG) F-6/2. Second day (today) was full of events; Senator Nisar A Memon was the Chief Guest at ICB and State Minister Saira Afzal at ICG. The program spanned over 4 hours from 0930 to 1330hrs.
First event was Environmental Walk in which students and teachers from different colleges of Islamabad participated. The Walk was led by Senator Nisar A Memon, Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Chaudhry and Dr Ghulam Rasul. It was followed by very interesting interactive session in which two presentations on Environmental Awareness were given by experts from Lead Pakistan (Ms. Anam) and UNDP (Ms. Masooma). Debate competition on Environment (English/Urdu) was a salient feature of the day as 16 speakers (students from Islamabad Colleges) expressed their views on the topic with Quraanic and scientific references. Touching to hearts was "FABEAYYEA ALAE RABBEKUMA TUKAZEBAAN". 
The debate was sandwiched with National Songs. Last event was the Cultural Show in which small school children represented the culture of 4 provinces of Pakistan and Kashmir. Chief Guest gave away the prizes to the winners of the debate competition and supported the idea from event organizers 'TO STOP USE OF PLASTIC BAGS' and announced that WEF campaign next year will also take a start from ICB.

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